Areas of Therapy

  • Speech

    Improving communication in children and adults with a variety of speech and oral motor difficulties, including phonological disorders, articulation delays, apraxia of speech, dysarthria, and voice disorders.

  • Occupational

    Improving a patient’s function in activities of daily living, such as grasping, dressing, feeding for sensory strategies, handwriting, and visual-auditory-tactile sensory aversions.

  • Physical

    Helps to improve mobility, balance and coordination, strength, and range of motion in order to assist the patient in better accessing their environment and meeting their developmental milestones.

  • Language

    Focusing on increasing vocabulary, increasing length of utterances, improving sentence structure, increasing memory skills, building social language skills, and improving problem solving skills.

  • Feeding

    Improve feeding skills using a structural oral-motor, sensory behavioral approach. Beneficial for children learning to wean off of a tube, children with Autism, and children with aversions to certain textures.

  • Telepractice

    Beneficial for patients who are unable to come into our clinic for therapy. We are able to provide a variety of therapy services in the home environment for patients with computer access.